A Non Woven Geotextile on roll size of 4mx50m with a high In Plane Flow of 0.6l/s/m2, and a very high Shear strength of 300kg/m2, BunkerBase is an ideal separation layer keeping stones and other contaminants away from the Bunker Sand. Ideally installed over MegaFlo drainage, the combination keeps the bunker sand clean and drain free from clogging.

BunkerBase is offered with a 10 Year Warranty and has a 100+ year life expectancy in the ground.

BunkerBase Specifications; March 2020

Product Specifications BunkerBase
Mass Per Area (g/m2) 300
Thickness (mm) 2.5
Tensile Strength (CMD) (kn/m2) 22
Initial (grab) Strength (kg/m2) 296
InPlane Flow (l/s/m2) 0.6
Roll Sizes 4mx50m
Warranty – (Years) 10
Life Expectancy (Years) 100

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